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Friday, September 18, 2009

14Gaam Patidar Samaj - the Global Family

Hi,i am Ilesh patel. i am from Davalpura, but now i am in Australia ,so .i possible i want to be a part of this family ..... It is great for our oversea community to being connect with internate...

Hi Dear ilesh

Its is nice to see you on our community site. Yes you can be part of our 14gaam online community. I saw that you are already registerd with us. Please add your contact information by login in to the member account. Your contact information will be published in the website, By this you will be contacted for any event that wil held by any chaud gaam patidar samaj.

Let''s expand our community by inviting other 14gaam patidars those who don''t know about 14gaam.com by spreading the magic of verbal communitcation.

Once again thank you so much being part of our 14gaam patidar community

Thank you for contacting www.14gaam.com
Please contact us
If you have any further questions.


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