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Monday, August 5, 2013

Charotar Gor of Tarapur

which gaam does tarapur - district anand fall under


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Now answer to you question,  Long time ago there was no such panch gaam or chha gaam. There was all call mota gaam or bar gam. These Gor Bar Gam or Mota Gaam are group of all panch gaam (Nar, Ode, Pij, Sunav and Uttarsanda) and Chh Gaam (Dharamj, Nadiad, Vaso, Bhadran, Sojitra, Karamsad and Savli) and Tarapur. So basically Tarapur is belongs to both Panch gaam and Chh Gaam. I have heard this from old people talk.

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