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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Advertise in Charotar

Hare Krishna When did you start this. Not many people know about this. You should advertise this site in India, in our 14 Gaams

Dear Bhagubhai

Nice to see you at our community site. I know that many people doesn''t  know about it.  I am trying to publish (advertise) the website to all over the world where our 14gaam patidar are living. If you can contribute like spreading the magic of verbal communication (mouth publicity) to our patidars, they will come to know.

I would like to enable you in our 14gaam community site, but the number you provided us that has only 9 digit.

Can you please give me your phone number so i can talk to you and enable your memership to our patidar community site.


Hetal Patel
Thank you for contacting www.14gaam.com
Please contact us, If you have any further questions.