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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Village Home Page

Hi, When Im trying to click on some villages name which are in blue color. Why it is asking me to log in? and when Im writing a same login name and password of gaam. Its telling that it is incorrect. So what should I do for login on these all villages. What is the special for these blue color villages? 8 out og 14 villages are in black color. If you have to do something for davalpura you can contect me any time Thanks, Praful Patel

Dear Prafulbhai Patel

Thanks for visiting our community website.
The screen you saw for the villages is not for the member login.
These are just subdomains i have created for the villages with the goal of creating individual village home page. But some how i have not developed yet. I have some ideas but i don''t have much information about each gaam that''s why it not active yet.

Our 14gaam.com is the community site, for the community. so consider that ..Its is your site. You can gives us the idea or some suggestions or send us the detail about your gaam in form of pictures, videos or text content. I will be more than happy for publsh on the website. Please send me the detail about your gaam, I will make the home page 1st for the village Davalpura.

Please dont forget to update your contact detail by login in to the member account www.14gaam.com/login.asp


Thanks for your concern.
Hetal Patel